Your pet’s dental care is an integral part of their overall health. It’s more than just keeping teeth and gums clean, or keeping bad breath at bay. It’s also about staving off larger issues that can stem from periodontal disease. Pet dental care in Edmond, OK can provide dental exams, cleanings, and evaluate your pet’s teeth and mouth for signs or risk factors for larger health issues. Some signs and symptoms that your veterinarian will look for include difficulty chewing, tooth or mouth sensitivity, and bad breath.

In addition to standard exams, imaging is often used to check mouth, tooth, and jaw structure for lesions and other issues. Pet dental care in Oklahoma City, OK will use these images, and their oral exams to put together a care plan that’s right for your budget and your pet’s needs. This will include cleaning the surface of the teeth, gum care, and cleaning below the gum line where tartar can build up. Generally, comprehensive cleaning and dental work is done under anesthesia to make the process easier for your pet, as well as to ease the anxiety that may come with dental care.