Laser therapy isn’t a procedure just for humans, our furry friends can also greatly benefit from it! Animal laser therapy in Edmond, OK can provide a number of amazing health benefits for pets suffering from both acute injuries and chronic issues that stem from use, old age, or old injuries. Some of the benefits of laser therapy for your pet include the relief of inflammation, the healing of cartilage and bone, the stimulation of nerve healing, treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, the treatment of degenerative joint issues, and the assistance of post-operative healing.

Animal laser therapy in Oklahoma City, OK works by delivering light energy directly into the body’s deep tissue. This direct delivery system allows for better and deeper penetration into the tissue, offering greater benefits and faster healing for both acute and chronic issues. This means a better quality of life for your pet, and less of a chance for self-destructive behaviors like self-mutilation, picking, and pulling that can result when your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort. Pets who experience chronic joint pain are a great candidate for this form of care. Laser therapy can not only improve life quality, but also restore pain-free movement, and improve the range of movement your pet can achieve. Typically this type of improvement is only seen with surgery and lengthy recovery times, but animal laser therapy offers these benefits in a less invasive, non-surgical way so that you and your pet have a faster, easier route to after-care and recovery.