Pet Boarding

Leaving your pet is never easy. But, because sometimes you have to, it’s best to select a place where your pet is under the supervision and care of a trained, experienced veterinarian. Pet boarding in Edmond, OK offers not only that, but multiple boarding options that will meet your budget and care needs.

Boarding with us ensures that your pet can be monitored for anxiety and other behavioral changes, and given the care they need to make them feel as comfortable as possible while you’re away. If they take regular meds, a trained animal medical professional can administer them so you’re sure that your pet gets the correct doses when and how they need to.

Pet boarding in Oklahoma City, OK also allows each pet to have outside time, which is crucial for a healthy, happy pet. Each pet needs regular exercise, fresh air, and socialization. No one knows this better than our veterinary boarding professionals. We work with each pet to create and implement the right socialization groups so your pet feels safe, secure, and happy. They can also ensure that the proper amount of exercise is achieved on a daily basis. What does all this mean for you? It means a worry-free vacation, and a safe, healthy pet to return to.