We believe in top-notch care for our furry friends, which is why we believe so strongly in vaccinations. In fact, pet vaccinations in Edmond, OK help you keep your pet safe, your family safe, and your community safe and healthy. Vaccinations stop the spread of disease, so they play a huge role in maintaining the health of both your pet, as well as the larger pet community.

Typical vaccinations for dogs include rabies and distemper, both of which can be highly contagious. Common feline vaccinations include RCP, FeLV, and rabies. Your veterinarian can recommend the best vaccinations and the ideal vaccine schedule based on your pet’s health, location, size, and lifestyle.

Remember, even if your pet has already been vaccinated, they may still need to be seen for further vaccinations. Pet vaccinations in Oklahoma City, OK may require a booster in order to ensure that proper vaccination levels are maintained, thus maintaining the effectiveness of the vaccine. Your pet is only protected when at the ideal level, so it’s important that vaccine checks and scheduled boosters be a regular part of your pet’s veterinary care. Our veterinary team can help you set the recommended schedule for vaccinations and boosters, and keep your pet up-to-date throughout their life.