Wellness Care

Wellness starts with prevention, and the best way to prevent illness is to not only visit your vet when your pet is sick, but also before they ever get ill. Animal wellness care in Edmond, OK can help you keep your pet looking and feeling their best. We do this by helping you to regulate your pet’s diet so they stay at a healthy weight, examine their eyes, ears, and teeth, and check their skin for signs of issues or sensitivities. Our skilled veterinary team knows what to look for to spot changes in habits, bodily functions, and essential bodily structures to stave off possible future health emergencies.

Stoneridge Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK provides basic wellness care like flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, routine care and preventive medicine. We believe that the more knowledge you have on your pet and their needs, the better you can ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy, happy life.